Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Celebrating Christmas Eve Adcock Style
Christmas Eve we headed to our Christmas service at church.
One of Ward's favorite services of the year. (It scares me to death because all the children are given their own candles to light the adult candles, something about a bunch of children under 10 given fire in a dark packed church....)
While we are gone our Elf on a shelf Andrew had left matching Christmas PJ's sprinkled with stars that he pulled from the sky. The stars have a special power, they make you fall asleep as soon as you head hits the pillow.
Ward whipped up the annual pancake supper, Yummy.
Reindeer food was made and placed on the front porch.
We decorated the Christmas Train.
Made the last batch of sausage balls - (Mommy's favorite)
Tried to get a picture of the all THREE boys by the light of the tree - who did I think I was kidding???
Then off to bed with the story of Jesus birth from Grandpa George's bible.
The Davis & Tru were all asleep with in minutes.
Gage was the only one that heard the sleigh bells ringing outside his window, but was quickly asleep shortly after.
With all the little bits all snug in their bed, Ward & I put on our caps and settle in to watch Christmas Vacation and wait on Santa.

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