Saturday, December 27, 2008

Truman Turns One

Snot Nose (as Ward is referring to him) turned one on Monday. Poor little guy was sick as a dog. If I remember correctly Davis was sick on his first birthday as well. We chose not to have a party this year (just another thing for him to complain about later in life - poor third child.) We made plans to celebrate his 1/2 birthday in the summer. We go for our 1 year check up next week. But at our sick visit on Tuesday Tru weighed 19 pounds. A few pounds more than Gage did at 1 and a little more than Davis as well. Maybe his visit to the NICU gave him the leg up on his brothers! He likes to furniture surf and wants to walk but is too busy clapping to keep his balance. He babbles what sounds like words but I am still not calling it mama or ddddada yet. His favorite toy is the remote control - unless I take out the batteries then he just throws it down. He really likes to flip channels. We had a family dinner and a homemade cake.

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