Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

A late post as usual but we had a wonderful Christmas Day. Tru was sick and decided to wake up at 3 am. Lucky for us he did not demand to go down and see if Santa had left anything besides coal. He waited until his brothers woke up around 7 before heading down.

Truman decides to blow the present a kiss before opening.

Gage and Tru check out Gage's big star wars spaceship.

Davis heads out with his new "Big Guitar" to see about the reindeer food and to play a little tune for the neighbors

Loving my new sign - "I have flying monkeys"

Star Wars sheets - just like Daddy's!
We shared a wonderful lunch with the Callicutt family. But poor Tru being sick and up so early slept right through the meal and the annual birthday cake for Jesus.

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