Thursday, December 4, 2008

A True Treasure

Ward's grandmother Tommie Ethel passed away last night. Tommie was 98 years young (would have been 99 Jan 10th). My favorite memory of Tommie is the fact that she always told Ward "You only go down this road once". Ward spent most every Saturday night with Tommie when we was in college. Not many grandsons do that but it was their special time. It serves as a large part of his memories from the 4 years he spend in Nashville. My other favorite thing about Tommie was that she could clean a chicken wing like no one I have ever seen before. Ward and I both loved eating out with her. She loved Captain D's and the buffet at a local pizza joint. Tommie was the first person we called when we got engaged. Tommie was a hoot! This is a picture of Ward, Gage and Tommie Thanksgiving weekend of 2004.

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