Thursday, December 18, 2008

A morning with Tru

So you are spoiled - this we know.
It is all my fault, chalk it up to you being the baby.
Next Monday you turn 1.
Really can it be?
By this time your brothers were spending a few mornings a week in Mom's Morning Out.
No, not you though.
I have kept you here with me.
To play
To snuggle
To cause all kinds of trouble.
You do have your own kinda routine.

8:15 - home from taking bros to school.
8:20 - unroll as much toilet paper as possible before getting caught
8:45 - snack time laugh and giggle while Mommy vacuums and you drop cheerios
9:00 - Enjoy watching the clothing in the dryer
9:10 - find the paging button on the cordless phone and laugh as Mommy runs through the house tracking down the other phone
9:15 - bottle and cat nap
9:45 - rearrange some Christmas ornaments
9:50 - find the a wise-man from a Nativity and suck on his head
10:00 - climb stairs looking for bros
10:15 - hang out in their room licking everything possible since they aren't around to stop you.
10:20 - unpack a bathroom cabinet
10:35 - try and take a step - take one get so excited you clap and lose your balance
10:40 - unload the clean laundry into the floor
10:45 - bang on the computer sending Facebook messages to who knows who
11:00 - drop whatever was in the bathroom cabinets into the bathtub
11:10 - head to the toilet to see what toys float
11:15 - 5 minutes of snuggle and tickle time before we leave to pick up the boys!
11:20 - give Mommy a big smile and make me realize it was all worth it!

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