Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

The morning of Gage's Thanksgiving Feast

One reason we love our school - you can still dress up like an indian as they teach the history of Thanksgiving.

Crazy me, I do not have any pictures from our fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner at the Callicutts home. We are so Blessed and Thankful to have friends like Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott, who really are family. I think Gage is thankful for not having pictures. This is the last year I can make Gage wear a matching Bailey Boy Turkey shirt. I mean "ugh, mommy I am six now".... True.
But lunch was wonderful it was so much fun to see Tina's sisters and her father. The boys love Pappa Hoyt. And all of Scott's family. His parents and sister who come each year. His nephews and their families. There was even a little a 10 month old girl who could WALK. Tru was so impressed, but he wanted to hold her hand. She did not seem to mind droll and all. After lunch I brought Tru home for a nap while the boys stayed to play Wii and Basketball. We finished out our night with leftovers and Popcorn in front of the fire and settled down to the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. A movie we will see many times between now and Christmas.

This weekend we are off to the mountains in search a Christmas tree to chopped down. They are forecasting a little snow. Could we be so lucky?

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