Monday, November 24, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Tru hit the 11 month mark on Saturday.
My baby is not sa' much a baby anymore.
He is huuuuge.
He is standing up for periods of time.
Yes, it is "Look mom, no hands"
He weights about 18 pounds.
He loves to eat real food and baby food.
Hot Dogs, Spagetti, fruit, chicken, green beans, sweet potatos, cheese, turkey....
This may not seem like a big thing but to a mom of truly picky eaters.
Trust me when I say how huge it really is for our family.
He likes to wave, clap and it trying hard to blow kisses.
He is tired of facing backwards in the car seat.
I have said this before but to have come 5 weeks early he is by far our biggest boy.
He babbles all the time but does not say much.
And most of all he is SPOILED ROTTEN.

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