Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Polar Express

Last weekend in the mountains we took a little side trip to the North Pole.  We did not tell the boys where we were headed. (Sorry, but to have to hear over and over "when are we going to the train just was not in my playbook).  We took an early bath and got on some new PJ's.  And took off for a "ride".

Once we got to the train station I gave them their golden tickets.
Davis' reaction "Did someone say Polar Express???"

It was dark and cold a prefect night to head to the North Pole.

Tru heard Santa might be on the train!

We enjoyed cookies and coco served by this man on our way to the pole. (who thought Davis was a girl....)

SANTA gives out the bells!

Golden Tickets?

On the way home from the NP we sang songs and enjoyed more cookies! Our ride was just like the movie we even had the Know It All Boy in our train car! It was a great time. Something I am sure we will do again next year!

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