Sunday, November 9, 2008

Melting Pot

We had a great time at the Melting Pot.
Gage was super excited.
Not because we were celebrating his birthday but because I allowed him to get
Something that never happens in our house. But hey he was turning SIX!
Gage also received his first birthday gift.
A real Mickey Mouse watch. It was something that was purchased when Gage was a year old on our first trip to Disney World with my father (Pop-Pop). Ward was given a mickey mouse watch by his grandfather when he turned 5. He wanted Ward to learn how to tell time the "old fashion" way - non digital. Ward still has this watch and while it is no longer working I had it framed when we were first married and today it hands on the wall of Gage & Davis' room. Gage was stoked to get his own big boy watch. This week I have to take it to get a battery. Go figure you buy something in 2002 and give it as a gift in 2008 and the battery is dead. Gage didn't care he has worn it around anyway.

We had a hard time trying to convince Davis that the cooking sticks were not weapons!

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