Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the Celebration begin

Gage turns 6 tomorrow. Tonight we are taking Gage and Davis to the "Melting Pot" for an early celebration dinner. We are not only celebrating his 6th Birthday but also his OUTSTANDING report card. All E's (excellent) and check pluses - with just a check in music. But then again the music teacher does not give anything above a check. (From what I hear....) Way to go Gage we are so proud of you.
Tomorrow we head to the mountains for a long long weekend and a trip on the Polar Express - a big surprise for the boys.
A few of my favorite pictures of my SIX year old (funny how I am still 29). From when he was 2 and just a sweet as pie.
Since you are turning the big 6 - does this mean we can't call you Gagey anymore??

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