Monday, October 13, 2008

St Louis Baby

So in an effort for my boys to see some family members we decided to fly to St Louis.

While most of my family lives in Springfield that would be a two leg flight for me, and being the smart cookie I am I thought - Ok one flight I can handle - 2 maybe not ssss' much.

So the cousins and my Aunt agreed to make the drive down and meet me at the airport to help with the rental van, luggage, and the 3 boys.

The morning of the flight all is well, I did my usual friday am routine - boys to school, Tru with the sitter off to Palates, quick run to Target for last minute must haves...Pick up from school, meet hubby at home to take us to airport.

Tried to check in via the web (something I love about US Air) but no can do I am flying with a "Lap Infant" - poor Tru his first flight and he is labeled a "Lap Infant". So I muddle through the check in to the check in clerk - I will refrain from saying what I really thought of her but I do hope she was having a bad day and that was the explanation for her comment "What possessed you to fly alone with 3 small children" She had no humor even with my reply of "a bottle of wine'...

Needless to say we made it thru the TSA security screening process - so it took me a little while longer with 3 kids, 2 boaster seats, an infant car seat/stroller, 2 backpacks, a diaper bag, and a purse.

Oh yes and my diaper bag a make sift diaper bag that said "Orgasms are like children the more you have the more you want" Ok so I did not read that until we were sitting at the zoo. Who knew?? To me it was a bag that had a bunch of sayings on it that I got free when I purchased some workout clothing.

More on the trip later.

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