Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lucky Number 7

If I was a Lottery kinda gal I would go put all my money on number 7!

Truman's 9 month check up was full of SEVENS!!

He is 17 pounds
He is 27.7 inches long.
His temp was 97.7 degrees
His 7th tooth was breaking thru
It was his 7th visit to the doctor
We were in room number 7

- the funny thing was once we noticed a few things included the number 7 the Doc and I started looking around at the other things hence the 7th visit - room number 7...... very strange indeed. His head measurement also included a 7 but being the 3rd child I did not write it down and now have forgotten the exact measurement.

At any rate - Truman at 9 months.
In honor of our Sevens:

Seven things about my snuggle bunny:

He talks all the time
Loves to follow Gage
Is very attached to Mommy
Took his first airplane ride and was amazing
Is bigger than both his brothers were at this point
Likes to stand
Actually likes to eat food -Loves mashed potatoes, chicken and ice cream

At the Doctors

Davis and Tru

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