Friday, October 31, 2008

Early Halloween Party

Some great friends of ours have an annual Halloween Party. I have posted about it before. In the past Ward and I have gone as a pair but this year we went on our own. I was Mrs. Brad Pitt and Ward was Brett Farve. I tied a bunch a babies around a rope and dragged them around for the night and he sold Packers plays. As always it was a fun party. I am not sure blonds have more fun. I enjoyed the black wig and blue contacts. And kudos to Chanel, my red lipstick stayed on the entire night a must for anyone playing Jolie.  Although I look a little sadistic....

Alan as Freshmen 15 girl - winner for the nite

Laura (Betty Rubble), myself, Annie (the Bee) Edward (the bee keeper)

Nancy (Spider Women) Annie

Jason (Michael Phelps) & Ward

Summer, Laura & I

Betty & Jolie

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