Saturday, October 18, 2008

Johnny AppleSeed Let us Climb Your Tree

One of the perks of living in NC is all of the apple orchards we have within an hour. On Friday we decided to take a trip to Sky Top Orchard. with our friends Jack and Apple. We missed their big sis Ali but the kids had a blast. They climbed trees, tried to eat apples off the ground (some rotten some not). They had the absolute BEST apple doughnuts - those made the drive worth it!! We played in the groves, enjoyed the playground and then headed to Hendersonville to a little malt shop. The first melt down did not occur until we hit the malt shop for dinner. Then like clock work we all had mini melt downs. Beth and I included hehe! Parade - did i mention the parade? How I hate i left my camera in the car - We were treated to a parade of 100 men walking through downtown Main street in 4 inch red high heels. It was a fundraiser - Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. It was over the top funny. We are home now and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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