Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Shower of Gifts

Recently (September) I participated in an online Swap. Thanks to Wendi of Because Wendi Said So. It was my first swap. Pretty simple - swap your favorite things. I had the best swap partner. Wendy at a View From The Grove - you have to look at her blog - the scenery is amazing.... Anyway. Wendy is from Utah. Ward wants to know if we could swap houses for a week. (Must be many fly-fishing locations in Utah!) The boys had as much fun as I had opening the package.
Wendy my swappie (is that a word?) Sent me 5 of her favorite things based on the 5 senses.

Sound - the Mama Mia sounds track. I have not seen the movie - she says it is a must. I have seen the Broadway play and was dancing in the aisle. But what is best about this gift is the memories it brings me. I grew up with a mother who loved music. And ABBA was one of her favorites. My best memories are of us singing at the top of our lungs Dancing Queen. I am sure she would be happy to know that my boys and I are now singing it at the top f our lungs.

Smell- amazing hand soaps from Bath and Body and in honor of the fall yummy Pumpkin scents. My boys love it. They can't wait to wash their hands. I have a bottle all my own in my bathroom.

Taste - Sees chocolates - ohhhh - yummy yummy.

Sight - A great book to read - one I have not read before. I love to read and can't wait to start this one.

Touch - the most beautiful handmade notecards. They are so nice, I think I would rather frame them than mail them. Maybe I will frame some and use the others - I should share with others.

BUT most of all the items were wrapped perfectly. It was such a pleasure to share with someone so far way a little of their life.

Thank you so much Wendy and let me know about the house swap! hehe

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