Monday, May 19, 2008

Buffett & Our Friends the Fosters

It has been forever and a day since my last post. Things have been crazy busy here. I have a number of things to update about and hope to over the next few days. Maybe once pre-school is out we'll have more time! haha.

Anyway, at the end of April our friends Mary and Edward Foster (use to live across the street from us, moved here about the same time as Ward and I, had children about the same time, moved away about the same time, only difference we moved back and they stayed in Beaufort, SC) Sorry for the long side-bar..... came up for the Jimmy Buffett concert. Now I will tell you, in no uncertain terms, Ward is not so much a Buffett fan. Yes, I love him (Ward) dearly anyway, and sooner or later he should grow to love Buffett right, yeah right!

On with the story. We picked Mary and Edward up at the hotel and headed to do a little tailgating before the concert. We met up with Pam and Greg Dills and Mary Catherine and her crew. It was a wonderful night for a concert. Greg had a little BBQ going for us by they time we arrived and we socialized a little with the other pirates and headed in. I will post the pictures as the night progressed. I am sorry I did not get any of the tailgating, too busy people watching. I have to say my favorite pic is of Mary with the "make out couple" in the rear. Honestly, they really needed to get a room. Ward is freezing as you can tell, it was cold, but really.... We hated to see Mary and Edward head back to South Carolina. We do hope they can come for a visit with the girls soon. And Edward, if you have started reading the blog while on your lunch hour and popping bon-bons....have a great birthday trip. Shoot a few for us!