Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nashville for Tommie Roberts

Early in May we packed up the little ones and headed to Nashville, TN to have a little party for Ward's grandmother Tommie. She turned 98 this year. Prior to this celebration being planned we had promised the boys we would take them to the beach that particular weekend. (To spend a little family time before Ward and I went on our vacation) Instead of the beach we booked a stay at the OpryLand Hotel. The boys really enjoyed the hotel. It is a huge hotel with lots of waterfalls, streams, fish and a great arcade. Plus next door was the Rainforest Cafe - Gage spotted it as soon as we got off the interstate. It is one of their favorite places to eat. So we went for a quick bite Friday. Gage was so excited not only because of the Rainforest - but he also bought a Shark-Tooth Necklace. He really is so much cooler now with it!

Then later friday night our sweet new nephew/cousin Walker came for a visit with his big brother Will. The boys went to the indoor pool. It was a cold indoor pool but I am not sure Gage or Davis noticed until it was time to get out. I think they would swim in ice water.

Saturday we celebrated Tommie with a pizza lunch and a little social time. All the boys were wild and I think it brought a ton of joy to the men and women at the retirement home to watch them run around.

The boys were wiped out Saturday night. We all took great naps back at the hotel. Saturday night we walked across the street to eat at the aquarium. Then head back for another swim and early to bed.

Sunday morning the treated me to a wonderful breakfast in bed with a little help from room service and a lovely Slane and Slane bee necklace. After a walk around the hotel we packed up and headed back to Gastonia to meet Grammy, Cathy (later be be known as sissy) & Debbie.