Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parrot Cay - warning lots of post

Last week Ward and I headed to true paradise. We left Charlotte at 11:15 after a plane ride and then a boat ride to the island we were on the beach by 4:30 - who knew paradise was so close. I have to say Parrot Cay was wonderful there are no words fit to describe it. It is a small private island in the British West Indies. It is 3 miles long and a 1 wide so rather small. The weather was amazing and the water was so blue. We stayed on the resort that is located at the southern end of the island. On the northern end there are about 10 houses. 5 of which Donna Karen owns, then Bruce Willis, Christie Brinkley and Keith Richards each have a compound of their own. We enjoyed the spa, the Indian head massage was a huge fav you could have poured me into a glass after. We spent our time between the pool and the beach. There might have been about 20 couples off and on during the week. Most of which were European. The vast majority of the workers were native from Turks and Caicos or from Asia. They had 2 restaurants to choose from. We either had room service or ate at the Lotus restaurant which was located at the pool that overlooked the beach. Each night they put out a telescope looking at the moon. It was an amazing view. The island was totally dark, with no cities near by the sky was dark and the stars bright.
I do warn there are a lot of pictures to follow - but it was just so beautiful.