Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunset Cruise

Ward and I chartered a boat for a sunset cruise. It started out as a nice romantic slow ride around the islands. Ward even spied a sea turtle. We had a nice young guy driving for us and giving us the history of the area. He had lived there most of his life. We think he must have realized we were there to have fun and might not have been quite as stuffy as some that he has taken around before. He took us to an island that serves as a wildlife refuge for iguanas. We got off and walked around to see the little lizards. They give me the icks! But it was sweet of him to show off the animals. Then he said it was time to head back towards our island and he must have it 80 mph on the way back. Mind you the water is shallow, as in you can see the shells on the bottom of the ocean when you look over the boat. I just knew at any given time we would fly over the front of the boat. Ward and I were laughing so hard. We could not keep our sunglasses on, we really didn't need them at that point but we could not even stand up we were going so fast. Then the guy walked away from the wheel and went to the front to move our cheese and drinks which must have fallen and he left us going top speed. Needless to say we were soaking wet when we got back. But it was a great excuse for room service. The cruise was a highlight for sure.