Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Roller Rink Comes Alive

Marshall and Ali

Morgan and Maddie

Gage turned SHY when blowing out the candles.

Sideline Skating

Aunt Anne-Bee and Baby D

Two Cuties Pies
Enjoy the pizza
Maddie and Kathryn

First Time Up

Big, Bad and Five
Dalton, Gage and Caleb

Baby D

Well - one good thing about being on bed rest is the fact that I get to update my blog often and also get pictures sorted.

Friday afternoon we once again celebrated Gage's birthday with his friends at the local roller rink. I was given a day pass (more like an hour & 1/2 pass off bed rest) and was able to go. Gage was a trooper, he loved skating - he was much better on the carpet but was somewhat fearless. He did not like Roller-Roo, the huge kangaroo on skates, that tried to get him to skate to Happy Birthday. It was great to see him with his buddies and it was a blast to see the parents lace up their skates and head out onto the floor. They played a few tunes from the days that Ward and I hung out at the skating rink = such as Eddie Grant's Electric Avenue - if you are younger than say 30 you may have no clue what I am talking about. It was a great party, I do appreciate every ones help, while I sat like a princess (haha) in my rolling chair! A special thanks to Anne-Bee and Ward for taking over picture duty. We have closed out our Gage celebrations until next year!