Monday, November 19, 2007

Bedrest & A Caged Bird

Thanksgiving will be 31 weeks! And my 3rd week of bedrest had begun. Ughh - I know it will be all worth it but currently I feel like a caged bird. Davis has really been keeping me company he has been out of school a lot over the last few weeks. Our friends have been outstanding - Chauffeuring the boys around. Cathy came in from Springfield for a few days and it was wonderful to have her here. She took the boys to the movies, shopping and even tackled a 3 year-olds birthday party at Monkey Joes (bless her). She washed all the little baby clothes for us while Ward cleaned out the closets and the attic and I shopped online from the bed. It was so nice to have everyone "nesting". The nursery is ready - Christmas shopping complete and I am praying to continue cooking this turkey until 36 weeks. Here are a few pictures of the past few weeks.

Gage Visits Before Hunting

Davis Loves On my HUGE HUGE Belly

Gage and Baby D Snuggle With Me

Davis Shows Off His Shiner