Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fall Festival

Last night we had a Fall Festival at our Church. The boys had so much fun. We had a ton of inflatables and lots of good food and best of all CANDY. Our friends Dean and Kurt came by for Trunk or Treat. The boys enjoyed playing and getting candy but most of all I think they enjoyed passing candy out to the kids from the trunk of Ward's car. I can not tell how much candy Davis actually ate but I did have to peel him off the roof of the car. Afterwards we went to Aunt Tina's and Uncle Scott's. The boys enjoyed getting cupcakes and candy at their house and playing with their puppies. We headed home and Davis came down off his sugar rush and feel asleep on my bed while Gage was finishing the bath...

Gage was Captain Hook, Davis was Peter Pan and Ward Pirate Smead. My father had purchased the boys costumes awhile ago for them to play in - we enjoyed them for this Halloween.