Saturday, November 10, 2007

Davis' 1st Shiner

People are going to think I am a horrible mommy. No longer can I pick up my children, drive my children anywhere, even cook my children dinner - I can not even seem to keep them from hurting themselves when they are right under my nose. Davis was riding a firetruck on Friday am as if it were a bucking bronco and it won. He has his first shiner. As I am stuck on bed rest (still wondering why it is called "rest") he is crying hysterically and I am trying to explain why I can not pick him up and hold him. Does not work with a 2 year old much less a hurt 2 year old. After awhile, a cold compress and a few rounds of 5 little monkeys on the bed he calmed down. And now he is very proud of his shiner, (it looks worse this morning)! So before anyone calls DSS, please realize it was not me, it was a bucking firetruck-bronco. Which he is currently standing on as I post. Where is the fear?