Friday, January 29, 2010

Zing Zam Zoom

Growing up my parents never really took me to the circus.
My mother thought they were too mean to the animals. She always had a very soft spot for animals of all shapes and sizes.
Although come to think of it... Her love for animals did not stop her from wearing fur or carrying a lizard clutch with matching kitten heels or jewels made from elephant tusk. No, when it came to fashion I guess she looked the other way and ignored the animal cruelty. Nor did her love for animals stop her from eating a nice steak - so i guess the protest of the Ringling Brothers stemmed from her desire to not see lions, tigers and elephants dancing as if they were meant to be ballerinas.

While I do share many of my mothers opinions - I treasure her silver fox coat!! I am all for taking my children to the circus to watch a 2 ton elephant's rendition of Swan Lake. My boys love it. They watch in awe, lemonade and cotton candy in hand. A spinning glow toy to light up with the stage goes black. This year the circus was great! We enjoyed the high-wire acts, dancing poodles and the non-english speaking tigers just to name a few.

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