Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twenty Ten

We decided since Ward was on call this year for New Years Eve that we would make it a family event. The boys were so excited when we were invited to "party" at our friends the Sherrills! Of course the first question was "Can we stay up until mid-night" When I replied "Sure" I am not sure if they believed me given how much we stick to bedtimes around here. But why not, they had been so good during Christmas break, why not celebrate late into the night with friends.

We had a blast! Truman stayed up until about 9, then crashed in their pak n play. I kept waiting for Gage or Davis to crash but that never happened. I guess when you are rocking out to the Disney Channel countdown with 7 other kiddos you don't get tired. Never mind that I took a little cat-nap while the adults watched "The Hangover".
I'd call this the kids table!

1 minute until a new decade begins.

Beth and I had gone to Party City for a few dress up items!

Then as rednecks do in the south we headed outside to set off some fireworks!

Amy and I looking at the fireworks rather than the camera.

And what would New Years Eve be without at Brady Bunch style picture!

My adorable husband was between the party and the hospital.

When I left with a sleeping T-man it was 2am. Gage and Davis and the rest of the bunch were still going strong. When the boys came home the next morning Gage said that they had gone to bed a little closer to 3am. We had a wonderful New Years Eve and an even better New Years Day with long long naps for everyone!

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