Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonderful Museum

Flying your paper plane

Indy Car Crew

Wind Tunnel Fun!

The boys were out of school for MLK day and we headed with some friends to a children's museum in Greenville, SC. Yes, it takes about an hour and half to get to Greenville and yes Charlotte does have some amazing children's museums. But the one in Greenville blows everything else out of the water. It is beyond amazing. The children ranging from 2 - 7 had a blast there was so much to do - we spent the entire day there and still did not get to see and do everything - oh well, guess we will have to go back.

Little grocery shopping, a favorite by the way.

Hear your heartbeat by putting your hands on the metal cut outs. Yes, Davis' beats to a different drum.

Crutches and Cast and Stuffed Medical Care

The boys favorite hands on area (besides the grocery store) was the construction area. They played there forever. Or at least until the adults were starving and we dragged them away.

Lunchtime with good friends

Thanks Amy for taking all the pictures!

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