Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ok, Listen I am NOT your Mommy

I try not to rant. Since this blog really is my way of scrapbooking for the boys. But honestly enough is enough....

On a overcast Saturday in March of 1998 I walked down a make shift aisle in front of a roaring fire to marry the man of my dreams. During the ceremony the minister said and I will never forget "Do you Ward take Heather to be..."
Yes," Heather" is what he said - I even went back to looked at our wedding video.

Fast forward to the last say 5 years... There are many things I love about children - the first time the actually reach for you.... the times when they can't talk back because honestly they just can't talk yet & then the time they first say "Mommy"... It does warm your heart to hear it
Not from your husband.
I keep saying "I am not your Mommy".
Blank stare from "Daddy"
Again a few hours later - Hey Mommy wanna go to the pool?
Yes I know.
Then "Mommy do we have the swim diapers?"

Now please do not get me wrong - I love being a mommy, in fact so much I am a stay at home mommy - but I still am Heather. I want to be able to maintain my identity as well. And my husband should know this more than anyone.

He just doesn't get it. But for some reason it is just NOT sexy to hear. "Hey Mommy, wanna foot rub???"

Look I signed up to be the Mommy of three cute blued eyed boys, and while your cute, I ain't your mommy I am your wife!! Remember - The minister did not say....
"Ward do you take Mommy to be your wife?"

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