Sunday, August 24, 2008

8 months and Proud

Baby Tru is 8 months - his 3rd tooth is coming thru and he is very proud of it.  I am still amazed at how much he adores his brothers.  He will throw himself out of my arms trying to see what they are doing.  There is an extra special bond between he and Gage.  He laughs at everything Gage does.  Gage hung the moon in his eyes.  When I watch the interaction between them it reminds me of the family movies we have of Ward and his younger brother Len.  Ward was always right up under Len making sure he was happy.  Gage is the same way - when no one else can make Tru happy Gage can.  Gage has some song he sings saying "Trummie, Oh Truuuummmie"  It is so annoying but Tru loves it so we listen.

Truman is also very spoiled - I think it is being the 3rd child, he is picked up as soon as he screams or cries, but being the 3rd he also sometimes wears his PJ's all day or is not changed until he has spit up and stinks.  Bad mom, maybe but I also have realized how much laundry I have in my future.

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