Monday, August 25, 2008

Fay Fay go away come again WHEN WE ARE GONE

Yesterday we had a beautiful day at the beach -
Fay had moved on.
But like a salesclerk that won't go away
Fay is back.

Maybe Fay is not moving on because of a bad break up.
See post on "Breaking Up"

So McMommy if you could just talk to Fay - mention that stalking is so uncool.

What do you do while we wait for Fay to "get over" a broken heart? And for the shops to open.
You hold a tournament!
We are in the midst of a HUGE uno tournament. Pooh UNO that is...

Current Standings:
"Elephant" (Davis) 2 wins
"Ice" as in Vanilla (me) 2 wins
"Hornet" (Gage) 1 win
"Weasel" (Ward) 0 wins

Then you go shop buying things you could live without.

And you walk by Build A Bear and quickly learn that the other 3 build a bear buddies your little ones have at home are no longer worthy.
Next thing you know you are picking out an unstuffed buddy, adding fluff "with a sales person that keeps pulling out the fluff and saying
"Oh, he fluffed"
And buying outfits for the new buddies.

So, you see Fay - you need to go away -

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