Friday, August 22, 2008

My child's kindergarten teacher hates me....

Yes. sad fact it is true, but Gage's teacher hates me.
Oh well it could be because

my cellphone rang during the classroom orientation
because I had to mention that same day that we were going on vacation the 1st full week of school. (But honestly it is Destin Florida, who wouldn't go??)
because I was late the first day of school.
about 7 minutes late
but poor Gage when we walked up the Principal was standing in his door say "oh, here comes Gage now" as I drag Gage, Davis and Tru down the hall all while wearing heals and spit up on my skirt (I had Davis orientation that am)
or because
I had not purchased the pencil case I had found out we needed the night before and even worse I had not had the chance to tell him we would buy one this weekend (while in Destin hehe) and the first thing she asked for was his pencil box....

I have started the year off on a bad foot for him.
No, maybe he should not be judged on me, but come on you can not tell me he won't be.
We go to a small private Christian school - This Gage's 3rd year there now.

So I went to his preschool teachers and a friend of ours that works there and said "Please go tell Mrs.... that we are a good family"


I WON!!! I WON!!! Yes, thanks to a potty mouth (seriously we are a good family)!!!
Check it out here:

I can not wait to get my t-shirt! Thanks McMommy for making a bad week better!

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