Saturday, September 8, 2007

Here Fishy Fishy

I am late posting this one but last weekend the boys spent saturday morning fishing. The lake is very low due to our lack of rain but the fish were biting. I think Davis won the mini-tournament. He reeled in the most bluegills. And for your typical male fish story Gage "had a HUGE Catfish", that swam away with his worm. Of course he was busy talking while the fish enjoyed his worm and then moved along. They had a great time. It has become a ritual for them. They wake up early (as they do every morning) head to a little gas station, talk with the owner about what is biting, purchase worms, and candy to help them make it thru the morning. And then off to the Lake. They fish at out friends house, the Anthony's of Kathryn Anthony fame on Lake Wylie. We do catch and release so I never see these big fish. Ward has fond memories of fishing with his Grandfather Adcock from a small child up until he graduated from college. I am glad he is passing along this to the boys, along with stories of Grandpa Adcock.