Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fun at Lake Lure

Last week we headed to Lake Lure, NC to meet "the gals from Springfield". Grammy, Debbie and Cathy. The weather was amazing and our time together was too short. One day we rented a boat to tour the lake and enjoy lunch on. I am not sure Grammy moved from her seat once we got her on the boat - but she was a trooper and stayed on for most of the ride. There was a great cove we found for swimming - the water was cool in spots and really clean - the perfect shade of green.

More Pictures from the boat...

An afternoon of Kayaking
I am not sure I have ever laughed so hard. Debbie took the boys on the kayak, which they loved - But Debbie also took Cathy on a short ride!

Dinner Out

We took a little time out of the water to eat at one of our favorite places on the Lake - Excuse the picture of me from the side - it is really scary!

Shopping, Hiking, Resting - we did it all. Check out Davis' new puppy - a white poodle with PINK ears.

Night Falls on the Lake
A few of my favorite pictures as evening ends at the lake. It is the most peaceful time. We just enjoyed the view from the deck and thought about how beautiful things really are.