Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dr. Ellen Davis

Mr. Gage had is 4 year old check up today with Dr. Davis. Yes, he is about to turn 5 in a few months (Nov. 6th) but since he can go ahead and have his vaccines for kindergarten I decided to wait to have his check up closer to 5 so we won't have to go back again before kindergarten. He did an outstanding job. Stats include height of 3'3" and weight 31 pounds. He screamed bloody murder through 3 shots. Although he walked away with 2 pencils, 3 balls, a few stickers and some great band-aids I don't think he thought the shots were worth it. I felt horrible for him but I felt extra horrible for the children in the other rooms waiting for the Doctor to come in. It was like the scene from Nemo during the dentist visit. They must have thought Gage had an organ removed. I am going to look into tuba lessons because the boy has lungs. But the trauma was soon over and we were off to soccer practice. The cutest thing was when we picked him up at school and he said the class prayed for him today because of his shots.