Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Swim Team 2010

(davis in middle lane)
Summer began with swim team - Davis swam on the 6 and under team. His meets were every Saturday morning and he really enjoyed it. He would swim free, breast and back. He swam a few relays as well. He was so adorable in his little swim suit and goggles. I noticed at the first meet he would kinda look around while swimming down the lane. When he got out I asked him what he was looking at - He said "my friends, I was waiting for them". Then he asked me why everyone was calling for him, I guess he did not realize we were cheering for him!

(gage never cracked a smile while on the blocks, always focused and fierce, haha)
Gage swam on the "big" swim team. As a 7 year old he was one of the youngest and swam on Monday and Thursday nights. The meets were long - very long. We'd swim against at least 2 teams sometimes 3. Gage swam free, breast, back and a few different relays. He really excelled in backstroke, but also enjoyed free. It was amazing to see how well he improved over the course of the summer. He is a good 6inches shorter than most of the boys he was swimming with and it was so funny to watch him waiting with boys so much taller but it was something he never really noticed.

(trying to stay cool while waiting on the start of the meet, gage between the ladder)

(go Gage!)

Gage finished the summer swim season mid July with an all county meet - this meet is something - it is an all day meet with the 7-10 year old swimming the first half of the morning. It is all 9 teams swimming and it is hot, hot, hot. Gage did a great job. He swam free, back and breast. He swam so well in his individual free that he swam his way into the A free relay. He was dead tired at the end of the day. But it was a great way to end swim team.

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