Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PreSchool is a thang of the past....

(1st day of school)

Big D finished 4 year old pre-school at the end of May. May 20th to be exact. Somewhere between the hot August day he started and that morning of May 20th, my little boy matured into a soon to be kindergartner.

He had an amazing year.
Between field trips to the gardens

the pumpkin patch & the fire house to name a few.

Sports like Soccer, Basketball and T-ball

Davis had a great group of kids in his class.

He was so excited for school each morning and eager to go back after the holidays. Along with learning to write his letters and numbers he learned many bible verses and loved all the bible stories. He started learning to read which he loved! He hated that he didn't get to stay at extended day and always wanted me to pay for him to go to early room, just so he could get an extra 30 minutes with his buddies. He sang his heart out at the annual Christmas show. Developed many crushes on the older kindergarten girls. Time on the playground left Davis as dirty as dirty can be. He ended the week with show and tell. Where he wowed his classmates with matchbox cars, dinos, trophies, recycling bins, his brothers spelling test papers, and some of his favorite books (and that was only in the first few weeks of school!).

During his 4 year old preschool year Davis went to Mexico and received the first stamp on his passport. He learned to speak a little spanish and was delighted to used it while in Mexico, even made up some words along the way.

Davis ventured to the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate his 5th birthday and enjoyed a trip to Oak Island for spring break along with a few other side trips here and there!

Davis decided this year that he was going to be a race-car driver,

a fire fighter, a photographer, a store clerk and a lifeguard. But if I had to place a bet at this time, I would say Davis will be in politics. He is outspoken, never meets a stranger, has no filter, and tries often successfully to talk his way out of trouble.

In April he completed his first kids Cooper River Bridge fun run.

To develop his love of everything NASCAR Big D attended his 1st nascar race last October. Where he enjoyed the freezing conditions and the tailgating.

He enjoyed the May race as well - this time tailgating with friends on a warmer sunny day. And remains passionate about Tony being able to pick him out on the track in a heartbeat.

Davis moved on from pre-school without looking back. He is head strong and ready for kindergarten at Robinson. Where there is no doubt in my mind that he will NOT be known as "Gage's younger brother" but as a force of his own. He has compassion that I am envious of and the ability to forgive and forget that I wish he'd teach his older brother. He is my talker, my loving child and I know that while he won't want me to walk him into class on his first day of kindergarten, he will not put up a fight when I sneak in behind him just to make sure that he makes it to his classroom rather than follow some cute girl to hers!

Congrats Davis - I love you!

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