Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soccer Season

Gage is playing rec soccer 7 and under. His games have mainly been on the same nights at cubs scouts or when we have been out of town so we have missed more games than we have played. But he has enjoyed it. This is the first year we are playing what I call "hard-ball". Up until this year it has been all about teaching the children the basics of the sport as well as focusing on sportsmanship. But this season it's full on "hard-ball".

Case in point, Gage was playing goalie. He caught the ball on the ground stopping it from going in the goal. The ref blew the whistle stopping the play and a girl from the other teamed kicked it from Gage's hands and it went into the goal. (Mind you the ref had blown the whistle and the children all were getting into place for Gage to kick the ball back into play.) But the coach on the other team argued the point with the ref. Seriously... I keep saying, hey this is rec ball not to mention 7 and under! But Gage doesn't care, I shouldn't either I guess, lets just say I don't complain when he has to go to scouts instead of soccer.

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