Monday, February 22, 2010

The Peas!

Saturday night some girlfriends and I enjoyed a nice dinner out and then jumped in a limo to see the Black Eyed Peas! We had a blast. The limo picked us up at the restaurant and of course our entire group had to have the limo driver take a picture with each of our 15 cameras! My flash was not working, but I wasn't going to make the poor guy take another picture. Really not after his "don't cha ya'll have email?"! Uh yes, but it was really more fun to see him dodging cars while balancing all the cameras.

The concert was amazing. I normally prefer seeing people in small venues, but the Peas do nothing on the small scale. I wish I had taken my camera in to get pictures of the show! I love Fergie and was so glad she sang Big Girls Don't Cry for her solo. But I really really like He was awesome. Although I kept picturing him as the hippo in Madagascar II. Who knew the entire arena would vibrate for 2 and a half hours. Great concert and an even more enjoyable night with the girls!

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