Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Full Hand!

Big D turned 5 on the 11th. A full hand now! Yes, because now when someone ask "How old are you?" He can display his entire hand, five full fingers! So much easier than having to hid the thumb!

I'd say this birthday has been a little confusing for him. A few weekends ago we spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday trip. He thought he turned 5 then. After all we had cake, there were gifts (the power ranger kind), we were with friends and we might have mentioned to the lifeguards that he had just turned 5 so that he could ride some of the big water-slides.

He was so ready to turn 5. 5 means so much more.
You can go to the "kids" room at the Y rather than the "baby" room.
5 is one step closer to kindergarten and the chance to ride the school bus on field trips.
5 means flag football is on the horizon and soon baseball won't mean t-ball.
5 years old is half a decade.
5 means once summer comes naps will be a thing of the past.
5 means so many things - all bigger and better - when you are 5!

Now that he is 5, he is ready to be 6.

So, how do I explain to him that soon birthdays will fly by?
That before he knows it he will be
12 at his first middle school dance (where yes, I will happily chaperone)!
That in a matter of time he will be 14 and sleeping in until noon (ward will be celebrating this day).
That soon enough he will be 16 and driving a car. Responsible for his life and others.
In only a few years he will be 18 and hanging his graduation tassel from his hat, having decided where to further his education and a step closer...well whatever he chooses.

Maybe one day he'll look back a realize that when he turned 5 he
loved to eat chicken nuggets, candy, and poptarts
he enjoyed soccer and defensive basketball
wanted to dress himself always in things that do not match
adored bed buddies and had at least 6 in his bed at any given time
loves country music
is always dancing and talking
can be mean as a snake but
has a heart of pure gold
loves to snuggle
wakes up at 6:33 every am (never 6:32 or 6:34)
and has to be one of the most hard headed opinionated 5 years old we know.
Which is why if you know Davis you love him.

We told Davis the story of his birth as our bedtime story on the night of his birthday. He loved hearing how I had my haircut that morning, how Gage went to the Van Meters, how many visitors we had while I was in labor, how the OB promised the nurses pizza if I delivered him before midnight, how before midnight the nurses were enjoying pizza, how Uncle Scott was the first person to hold him other than his father and I, how his father passed out on the floor of our hospital room a few hours after he was born because he was so sick.
And lastly, how we choice his name Davis Goodwin Adcock after finding out he was a boy a little after 10:30 on February 11, 2005.

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