Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favorite Toys of Summer

Our first favorite toy this summer was one we purchased right before our beach trip. My boys are addicted to take pictures. And being the mean mom I won't let them take pictures with my "good" camera. So we purchased an underwater digital camera by Sony. The boys have had a blast taking pictures with it. It was perfect for the beach and the pool. I am impressed with the pictures it takes and it is small and nice to throw in my purse. If you are in the market - we'd give it two thumbs up.

The other fav toy of the season has been an alligator that we FOUND at the pool in Florida. Honestly, Davis carried it around the entire time. Even sleeping with it. Truman enjoyed chewing on it (a first child would never have been allowed to chew on a lost and found toy - third child, i figure the chlorine killed whatever was bad). As I said Davis had to sleep with this thing - which aside from the fact that it's origin is unknown - it also had a hole in the bottom that allowed for it to fill with water while swimming (which it did with us daily). No matter how hard I squeezed to get the water out - it still leaked everywhere (maybe that is why it was discarded in the first place). So each night I had to wrap it in a towel so it could sleep in their bed! The gator even made his way to the first show and tell of the school year. Maybe at Christmas I'll just search the lost and founds of schools, playgrounds, parks, McDonalds - no telling what I might find!

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