Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bad Mommy Award

Yes, I win the bad mommy award today.
Being stressed about my surgery tomorrow already, if not to make me stress more, the wonderful (actually opposite of wonderful) surgical center of Gaston Memorial decided day before the surgery that someone else needed to go before me.  So, I would not have a 7:30 start time.  Which means that "Oh, when the first case is finished and we change over the room and blah blah blah"... maybe I would get to go by Oh, say 10 or so...  Ok, not gonna work - I asked for 7:30 for a reason!  Child care thank you.  So needless to say while Ward and I are trying to work  out the changes (ie. call and get me changed back to 7:30) Davis is yelling and popping a balloon in my face.  
I do that horrible terrible not so great thing.
I yell. 
At him.
Yes, I know it is not his fault.
Yes, I was stressed.
He had already been in time out and was deciding to spend the day with out his ears on as best I could tell because he had not listened to a word since coming home from school.
But stressed or not.
Him misbehaving or not.
I should not have yelled.
So today I award myself the "Bad Mommy Award"
Then true to Davis' character I was putting him down for a nap and I said.
"Davis, I am sorry for yelling at you - it was wrong of Mommy"
He said.
"It's ok Mommy, I will pray for you".
Thank you Davis.

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