Monday, February 2, 2009

Lemonade stand for a boat...really

So on Saturday mornings the boys watch the fishing shows.  Bass fishing, fly fishing - whatever.  Not too long ago Ward and Gage decided they were on the hunt for a little jon-boat.  They started looking on craigslist and saw how much they cost.  Ward told Gage that we would have to wait awhile (uh, yes we do need a new roof, new windows... the list goes on).  

Later in the day Gage decided he really wanted to help buy the boat.  So he told Ward that he had the idea that he and Davis would have a lemonade stand a few times when it gets warmer.  "Great idea"  Ward said.  I might have well just said "Buy the boat!"  I foresee that I will be buying a lot of glasses of lemonade.

Davis is putting his birthday money into savings to help buy snacks for the boat and maybe a cooler.

Gage also plans to sell color copies of his artwork.  Does that mean I need to have an open house?  Maybe, but I am not sure if his friends get allowances yet - and if that did wouldn't they want to buy a lego set or something.

Ward is going away for a long weekend in Vegas with his guy friends in March to play some games of chance.  I causally mentioned that if he hit it big he could buy the boat and we could forgo summers of lemonade stands.  I won't hold my breath.

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