Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a Proud Mommy I am....

no, not really when your children say things like this:

Sometimes I like to "free-ball" -( when the man came over to look at redoing our kitchen counters.)
The shark tooth necklace makes me look awesom"er"
If you are President of the Junior League how come you don't have a limo?
Why do you bring wine in the bathroom?

I don't want money I WANT CASH -(screams this as I am trying to give him a dollar to pay for candy. He thinks only coins are cash.)
I have to pee on the wall you told me not to touch anything.
Go get a glue stick Gage mommy's penis fell off
Mommy they forget to plug your hole when Truman came out (when looking at my belly button)

Crab Hunting

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