Friday, September 5, 2008

They won't think I am Spanish

So on our long trip home last weekend from the beach we decide to stop for dinner in Atlanta.
I am in the mood for PF Changs
Well I have 2 of the pickiest eaters ever.
Truly Gage after a insane amount of testing for non-weight gain was labeled "True Picky Eater"
Of course, Davis follows the same pattern but this time we decide not to do a year of testing and label him TPE(Squared)
But that is a whole other post...
I tell them we are stopping at PF Changs
"What do they have there?"
"Chicken" (my standard answer because that is really all Davis eats)
"What kind a chicken"

As we sit down they quickly see the chopsticks.
Cool new found toy.
Since Davis decides that their chicken is not plain enough he uses his as drum sticks.
Yes people are staring but really
I have just been on a week long family vacation and at this point as long as there is not blood I do not care if people stare.
(Not to mention, we don't live in this town anyway)

So Gage (who now will try just about anything once, with the bribe of a sip of Coke) is eating Beef Lo Mein.
He is trying so hard to pick it up with the chopsticks. Near impossible for a 5 year old.
He is chasing the noodles around on the plate.
So trying to help I say
"You know honey you can use a regular fork"
then as loud as possible he says
"NO Mommy, then they will not think I am spanish"

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