Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny Little Boys

Gage and Davis
The two of you crack me up.
Growing up as an only child and being a girl, I played barbies and with dolls and house (Shawn Cassidy was my hubby)
But watching the 2 of you play together truly I laugh out loud.

You go to the playroom and pack your backpacks full of odds and ends
plastic fruit, star wars figures, legos, cards, books, bubbles, buddies, DVD's, I stand in awe of what you can get packed in.
You take off outside to ride off on your JohnDeeres

Yesterday you went on a "Quest"
What were you looking for?
"Oh Mommy we are going to find the dinosaurs and then the rabbit hiding in the trees"
Gage had to wear his new mircoear. Something he won at school that clips to his shirt and he can talk into so that he can hear himself in the ear piece that is attached -- Go Figure that one.

Out in the yard you both took turns driving around and looking though the binoculars in search of if the Dino Rabbits -
a far cry from my barbies and being Mrs. Shawn Cassidy.

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