Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which of these faces....

Which of these faces would you expect to get in trouble at school? Not only 1 time but 2 times in one day???? In trouble for what you ask?

1st offense: Giggling during the prayer.
2nd offense: and I quote from the teacher "mooning" the class.

Yes, Gage decided to moon the class. In his defense, he said that he did not pull down his pants, he just pulled up his shirt and "shook (his) booty" at his friend Cole. He does not know what mooning means and there was not skin shown. I am not sure that gives me anymore comfort. Gage is the child that never gets in trouble at school. He has been in a mom's morning out and pre-school setting since he was six months old. This is the first he has ever gotten in trouble and been punished at school. He had to sit outside his classroom for 5 minutes with the other little boy that was giggling during prayer. Then he had to move a sit alone after the shaking his bum incident at snack time. It was so hard not to laugh when his teacher told me what he had done. Partly because she was laughing so hard. When we discussed it at dinner he said it was because he had "had a bad day" and that he was trying to make his friends laugh. Ward and I made him apologize to his teacher this morning - and felt that sitting alone at snack time was enough punishment. At least he is paving the way for his wild brother Davis.