Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A check up with the Dentist

While Davis is on Spring Break I thought it might be time for his 1st visit to the dentist. At this point Gage had already seen the dentist a few times, but as I am learning sometimes it takes a little longer with the second and third child. Poor Tru he may not see a dentist until he is a teenager! When I called to make the appointment they said "let's get the boys on the same schedule" so both Gage and Davis had appointments for a little cleaning. We go to a pediatric dentist so the office is decked out with huge rooms where all the kiddos are together along with these life-size stuffed animals. They take the boys back with out mommy and each time they stay back there a little longer alone. The funny thing is sitting in the parents waiting room. Everyone is on pins and needles waiting to be called back to see how their children did or did not do.... Gage was nervous, he was so worried he was going to have a cavity or even worse Scurvy (sp) which is what pirates get because they don't eat enough fruit and their teeth fall out. Davis was a trooper, he held Gage's hadd telling him it would be ok. They both did a great job. Gage even had his first set of x-rays. But when it was time to open their mouths and have their teeth counted by the dentist all chaos broke out. (but this time I had been called back since it was time to meet with the dentist) Gage freaked out and started to cry. Tears streamed down but there was no sound which I can handle... But then that really stressed Davis out so when it was time for the dentist to count Davis' teeth he screamed and cried bloody murder. All the time Tru slept and slept some more well at least until some little girl came and knocked the box of take home toys over on him! We left with a few SUGAR FREE suckers,ballons, new toothbrushes, floss and a few scars.