Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Sunny Sunday Birthday

This past Sunday we celebrated our Best Buds birthdays. Dean and Kurt had their 2nd and 5th birthday parties at Adventure Landing. We played games, ate pizza and cake then went out for a round of Putt-Putt. I can not believe the boys (Dean and Gage) are about to turn 5. It does not seem like 5 years ago that we were having play dates while they snoozed away in their bouncy seats. One of my favorite stories is about sitting in the delivery room with Mrs. Karen while she was in labor and while we could hear Dean's heartbeat on the monitor Gage (who was still in uetro) was kicking up a storm, he would only stop kicking when I left the room. Then two weeks later to the day Gage was born and I was so excited that he already had a life long friend in Dean! It makes me realize how glad I am that me were able to move back to Gastonia a few years ago. These are just a few pictures of the boys from Sunday as well as some pictures from years past.