Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Tony!

Last Thursday we took the boys to Pole Night which is qualifing night for the Cup race on Saturday night. We had a blast. The weather had cooled off (it is back in the 80's) so we bundled up and headed out to the track. I wish I could capture their expressions when they first see the track and the cars going around. It is hysterical! We enjoyed nachos and other greasy track food and spent the evening cheering on Tony and making ugly faces at other drivers like Gordon, Jr. and Johnson. Our nickname for Gordon is "Baby Gordon" (Ward does not agree). But the boys enjoyed screaming "Booo Baby Gordon". Gage said "why does baby Gordon always cry Mommy?" It is amazing how quickly they pick up things (haha). Once Dale Jr. came out I took the opportunity to teach Gage the word "Overrated".... I will post a few pictures from Pole night. Ward and I had a great time Saturday night at the race. While it was not Tony's best race at Lowes he pulled thru with a fabulous finish.