Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Three Hour Tour

Thursday night at the beach we packed a cooler and took a three hour dolphin tour on a very nice catamaran. I was a little worried about the boys being that confined for three hours but everyone enjoyed each minute. We left late afternoon and on the way out of the bay we saw a huge sea ray jumping and flapping thru the air. The well sailed captain said it was the first time he had ever seen one moving thru the air. It was amazing and from that point on no one cared if we even saw dolphins or not. But luck was with us and about an hour into the trip we saw a number of beautiful dolphins. We stopped to watch them play. I am sorry not to have pictures of our friends but I was too busy watching my children watch them. Davis could not control his excitement. Luckily Ward had a good grip or I think he would have jumped in to swim along side. Gage was again for the second time this trip remained speechless. The dolphins played and swam around and under our boat. Only after they headed off did we set sail again. Each of the boys had the chance to drive the boat. Although they both had to stand on coolers to see where to steer. As much as we hated to head toward stable ground the sun began to set as we sailed back to the marina. Here are a few pictures of us on the boat. It was an incredible experience, something we will do when we return again next summer.