Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lion King

Ward and I took Gage to Charlotte to see the Broadway Musical "The Lion King". He has been talking about going for the entire summer. He was so excited. We took him to a grown up dinner at the Capital Grill and then to the 8pm production. He was so well-behaved. He made sure we all were using our bread plates and tried so hard not to spill anything. But when he found out that the waiter would refold his napkin each time he left the table we had a really hard time with him asking to go to the bathroom over and over. He stayed awake for the entire performance and was not scared in the least. He chose a nice stuffed Pumba for Davis (who was at home asleep with a sitter). He talked non-stop on the way home about the production, the music and the mint ice cream he had at dinner.